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PSY 490 Week 5 Learning Team Jeopardy Game Presentation

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Develop a 20-minute Jeopardy game presentation that integrates the breadth and depth of core psychology knowledge.

Search the Internet for a Microsoft® PowerPoint® jeopardy game template.

You will be developing Questions & Answers related to your topics. Remember that your questions should increase in level of difficulty related to your point value.

Include the following topics in your game:

  1. ·      Holistic approach to prior learning
  2. ·      Integrating psychology into your personal life
  3. ·      Psychology across all disciplines
  4. ·      Integrating psychology into career and educational decisions
  5.       ·      Your personal learning theory (you and your team will agree on a learning theory to use for this category.)

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PSY 490 Week 5 DQ 1

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Consider this scenario below with the following criteria in mind:

1.  How would you diagnose the child (use documentation such as the DSM).
2.  What treatment plan would you recommend?  Why ?  Support your answer.
3. Be prepared to respond to you classmates and I in discussion as I present more clues!!

Scenario: First set of Clues

Six year old male child.  Child is acting out in class with the following behaviors:  hitting other children when teacher is not looking; licking desk for no apparent reason; taking teacher’s cell phone and trying to call home; standing in desk seat when teacher turns back; rushing through assignments; happy to lay with head on desk.

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PSY 490 Week 4 Individual Pay It Forward

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Perform an anonymous act of kindness. Examples include helping someone carry groceries, paying for a stranger’s coffee, donating time or money to a cause you believe in, and so forth.

Write a 600-800 word summary of your experience.

Address the following:

  1. ·      Compare the respective roles of altruism, personal and professional social responsibility, and codependency.
  2. ·      How does altruism apply to psychology or psychological principles?
  3. ·      How does altruism improve the human condition? Are there limits to altruism?
  4. ·      What are some personal and professional responsibilities related to altruism?
  5. ·      What is the future of psychology, specifically in relation to altruism, in contemporary society?

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PSY 490 Week 4 DQ 1

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This topic is a hot topic in the field of psychology today. In my on campus classes I show a DVD called “The Medicated Child” (PBS Home Video: WGBH Educational Foundation).  It goes into the excellent detail of the diagnosis of bipolar in children. It is a very controversial area, especially in the area of medication. May I ask your opinion…and if you would , feel free to debate the topic (debate meaning, back up and cite your opinion with reference support materials).  Do you think psychologists should (or can) accurately diagnose Bipolar in children (under the age of eighteen)??  I challenge you to watch this video before you pass an opinion.  You can access the full video in segments (online viewing ) for free at

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PSY 490 Week 3 Individual Ethics Awareness Inventory

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Complete the Ethics Awareness Inventory

Prepare a 700- to 1,050-word summary of your findings from the Ethics Awareness Inventory.

Discuss the role and importance of personal ethics in psychology, principles, and the Code of Conduct.

Discuss how ethics can affect how you will apply psychological principles to personal, spiritual, social, and organizational issues.

Assess how ethics affect psychological knowledge and principles related to personal growth, health, and development.

Analyze advantages of psychology as a degree choice. How do ethics play a role in your decision to pursue a degree in psychology?

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PSY 490 Week 2 Learning Team Psychological Issue Summary

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Write a 700- to 1,050-word action plan that addresses the issue presented in the scenario. The scenario is one that you create that will be able to be used to apply your psychological theory.

Explain how you will solve the psychological issue presented according to the theory you selected.

Apply behavioral, cognitive, and socialization strategies to help your clients cope with family relationships, peer interactions, aggression, social skills and academic difficulties. Use creative, critical, and probabilistic reasoning to solve the issue related to behavior and mental processes.

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PSY 490 Week 2 Individual Portfolio Presentation

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Create an original 20- to 30-minute capstone portfolio presentation that demonstrates your core content knowledge. Presentation modalities may include, but are not limited to, Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations of 15 to 20 slides, videos, and so forth.

Complete the following in your presentation:

·      Demonstrate an understanding of relevant theories.

·      Include examples to support major points.

·      Explain which theories you like and why you like them.

·      Explain which theories you dislike and why you dislike them.

·      Explain how you arrived at your conclusions.

·      Explain how these theories will influence the future of psychology.

·      Explain if there is a new method that you can apply to or research in psychology.

·      Explain how the information in this presentation affects your worldview.

·      Explain how you used critical or creative thinking in the creation of the presentation.

Present the Portfolio Presentation.

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PSY 490 Week 1 Individual The Diverse Nature Of Psychology Paper

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Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you analyze the diverse nature of psychology as a discipline.

Address the following items as a part of your analysis:

·      Evaluate the influence of diversity on psychology’s major concepts.

·      Identify two examples of subdisciplines and two examples of subtopics within psychology. Examples of major concepts and their subtopics include the following:

o  Motivation: theory of emotion, and approach and avoidance

o  Behaviorism: aggression, cheating, and binge drinking

o  Cognition: cognitive dissonance and false memories

·      How can the subdisciplines and subtopics you identified be applied to other disciplines and venues in contemporary society?

·      Relate the subdisciplines and subtopics to your theoretical perspective.

·      Include your psychological contribution to society in the areas of work, education, health, and leisure.

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