ISCOM 424 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Supply Chain Complexities

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ISCOM 424 Week 3 Learning Team Assignment Supply Chain Complexities

Research the following aspects of Riordan Manufacturing:

•         Mission
•         Value proposition
•         Customer-focused goals

Using your one diagram. Work together to find areas in the supply chain where inefficiencies occur.

Write a proposal of 800  - 1200 words to the director of supply chain operations. Include the following:

•         Information about how the organization delivers its value proposition and goals to customers

•         Your predictions about how management decisions may affect supply chain operations, with descriptions in your memo of how these decisions should be regulated

•         A summary of the overall supply chain and your findings

•         A description of two to three areas where the supply chain is successfully functioning

•         An analysis on sources of complexity in the supply chain, including the following topics:

o   Bottlenecking
o   Bull whip effect
o   Lost revenue
o   Understaffing
o   Overstocking
o   Other areas of weakness you detect

•         Recommendations for best practices for Riordan’s supplier relationship management and procurement practices

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