SOC 120 Week 2 Individual Assignment Prejudice And Discrimination Article (NEW)

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SOC 120 Week 2 Individual Assignment Prejudice and Discrimination Article (NEW)

Imagine you are going on a 6-month expedition to a foreign country to experience the diversity of this country and study the affect of prejudice and discrimination within this country. While you are there, you journal your experiences and then write an article that will be published in a travel magazine.

Choose a foreign country in which there has been well-documented instances of discrimination against certain races or cultures such as:

1.       India: the Dalits and Adivasis

2.       Bosnia: the Muslims and Croats

3.       South Africa: the Coloureds or Black Africans

4.       Indonesia: the Chinese

5.       Rwanda: the Batwa

You can choose from the above list or you may submit a request to the instructor to research another country. Submit your request by Day 4.

Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word article for the travel magazine with a focus on the affect of prejudice and discrimination on various cultures within the country you have chosen to visit. Cite 3 to 5 sources; at least two must come from the Online Library. Try search terms such as “cultures in (country),” “discrimination in (country),” “ethnic groups in (country),” etc. You may also refer to the Recommended Websites list in the Electronic Resources section at the beginning of this syllabus for additional sources.

Include the following in your article:

1.       A description of the various cultures as well as the races and ethnicities that exist within this country

2.       A clear differentiation between race and ethnicity

3.       Examples of discrimination against a culture, race, or ethnic group in this country and an explanation of why the discrimination exists

4.       A description of the ways the discrimination has affected the people of this country and conditions that have resulted from the discrimination such as segregation, political unrest, poverty, or war

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Submit your paper as an attachment

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